Small Stackable Cowhide Cuff

$ 98

Perhaps more than any other material, leather is transformed by the person who wears it.  On a biker, it's a functional sign of rejecting society's norms; on a socialite, it conveys classic simplicity and elegance.  The same piece displays both trendy rebellion and an appreciation for a timeless, artisanal craft - all depending on the wearer.

The Phrogfitness leather piece in your hands is unique.  From the braided leather necklaces to the cowhide cuffs and belt buckles, we strive to find the perfect color, perfect embellishment and perfect design for each specific piece.  Because we repurpose remaining leather from other craftsman, we cannot mass or quickly produce any of our designs.  Using remaining leather allows us to insure that no animals are harmed just for Phrogfitness creations - and we think that's worth it. 

Great as a single statement piece or layered with other bracelets, this cowhide cuff is 2" wide and set on brass.  All you need is jeans and a tee, this baby will do the rest!

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